10 Family-Friendly Destinations for a Holiday

Holiday packages are an ideal way to plan a getaway, as all the details are taken care of for you. When organizing special holiday packages for the family, consider some of the top family-friendly destinations there are on offer.

1. Florida

Florida is an obvious choice for families on holiday, with Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and great beaches. It’s fun for the whole family, ensuring you get to spend plenty of memorable time together.

2. Spain

Visit the Spanish islands for a holiday break, or getaway to bustling cities like Barcelona and Madrid. With such diversity, a Spanish holiday ensures there’s always plenty to do for visitors of all ages.

3. California

California is a great theme park alternative to Florida, with Disney and Universal parks scattered around Anaheim. In between rides, relax with the family on one of this great state’s beautiful beaches.

4. New York City

There’s a reason so many people flock to New York City; it’s filled to capacity with things to do. Adults and kids alike can get lost in all of the sights here, with everything from Broadway to the Statue of Liberty.

5. Genoa

Genoa is a gem of a city in Italy, offering all the culinary delights of Italy with the beach feeling of the Riviera. Families can spend plenty of time together here, swimming about in the water then breaking for a bit of gelato in the afternoon.

6. Chicago

The windy city of Chicago is like a mini New York, giving it plenty of charm without all the hubbub. Kids in Chicago enjoy the Great American Doll headquarters, as well as the Sears Tower. For adults, catch a comedy act or try one of the fine dining establishments.

7. French Riviera

The French Riviera is a sunny paradise for any family on the go. The beautiful beaches will set adults at ease, and the sparkling waters are great for children to splash about in. In the evenings, enjoy family meals outdoors, right on the beaches.

8. London

The bustling city of London is a one stop shop for anyone looking for a holiday with family, as there’s plenty for both the adults and kids to look forward to. For the grownups, look into great nightlife and stunning museums. For the little ones, there are amazing West End shows and entertainment venues to occupy plenty of time.

9. Hawaii

It’s easy to see why so many people look to Hawaii for a holiday in the sun. The beaches themselves are enough to encourage anyone to go. The islands of Hawaii offer amazing sunsets, great dining options and plenty of local culture and history to experience.

10. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a fantastic spot to take relatives with a thirst for history. The city boasts a treasure trove of historical palaces and fortresses, all of which can be explored for days. Plus, the city itself has plenty to lend itself toward visitors, from great dining to amazing shopping.

photo by flickrized