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3 weeks left until Labor Day

Summer is almost over (courtesy mikebaird on Flickr CC)So, is it the “summer of suck” in your house like it has been in mine?

There have been all kinds of work-related opportunities and good news for the adults under our roof – extensive teacher training for my husband, speaking gigs for me, oldest daughter moving into her freshman college dorm – but kinda bupkis for the typically fun “summer stuff.”

THIS was supposed to be the summer we paid at least a short visit to friends down on the coast.

THIS was supposed to be the summer that we took short 2-3 day trips to a few of the major cities in our state, as fun urban getaways with something for everyone in the family.

THIS was, er, NOT supposed to be the summer where Mom’s workload and OCD tendencies (plus dealing with a newly diabetic cat) were going to keep us housebound and s’mores-deprived.

OK, dear readers, you have 3 weeks until the US Labor Day holiday to salvage a few shreds of summer goodness.

Go get some!