A 1000 Voices (well, over 370.)

I’ve been hopping over at one of my other blogs, the Perceptive Travel Blog, where I’m a co-author.

Dynamic Australian blogger Darren Rowse, who runs the ProBlogger site, has a Group Writing Project going on — I’m one of , oh, over 370 submissions so far on the topic “Top 5.” It can be “Top 5” of anything, which is great because that means an enormous variety of blogs can participate. 

My own post was Top Five Travel Blogs You Gotta Read, featuring the Perrin Post by Conde Nast Traveler magazine’s Consumer Travel Editor Wendy Perrin, hilarious travel writer Leif Pettersen’s Killing Batteries, Budget Travel Online‘s useful blog  This Just In…., New Zealand writer Liz Lewis’ My year of getting published and three blogs at CHOW, the online food magazine. 

For Day One and Day Two of the Project, I looked for posts that were travel-related, but since there were so many interesting ones, I got rather distracted.  For your reading pleasure, here are my faves:

Five gems: what makes a good pub?  by Michael Scott (well, of course I picked this one.)

Top 5 Steps to Securing your Data  by Geoff R (“got backup?”)

The Top Five Firsts of the First Two Years of the American Civil War by Mike Goad (this guy is seriously into the Civil War.)

Top 5 Techniques for Sermon Idea Generation by Sherman Haywood Cox II (a whole blog on being a preacher.)

Top 5 Reasons Why We Travel by Timen

Top 5 Spanish Tapas by Matthew Bennett

The Top 5 Reasons to Start Your Weight Loss Plan Today by JoLynn Braley Top 5 Reasons Freelancing is a Bad Idea by Mike Sieber

Top 5, mojich pät najlep’ích ucitelov by Peter Druska (’cause I have to give props to bloggers in Slovakia)

The Top 5 Reasons To Make Nova Scotia Your Next Vacation Destination by Bryan Henry

Top 5 Unusual Guitars Owned by Popular Musicians by Adam Ferguson

Top Five Languages I Would Like to Learn by Darrell Pursiful

The Top 5 Time Savers in My Kitchen by Maricar

Top 5 Gardening Tips by Kenny Point

Since Sunday, 13 May is Mother’s Day in the U.S.:  5 Gifts for Mom That Won’t Ever Go Out of Fashion by ispf

Jackie Chan’s Greatest Fight Scenes by Chris  (reminded me of Hong Kong.)

Top 5 Great Birding Moments by Trevor Hampel  (all over Australia)

5 Top Myths Foreigners Have About Ukraine by Alexander Radich

5 Top Things I Miss About Harare, Zimbabwe by Sharon

What Are Your Top 5 Travel Dreams? by Stacy

5 Reasons Queen’s Market Must Be Saved by Jon Tillman (an East Londoner’s point of view)

Top 5 DC Things To Do This Summer by Francoise Galleto  (Washington, DC) 

I’m a stranger here myself by Jul  (an expat sees her home with new eyes)

5 best places to go while visiting Acadia National Park by Norman Sargent  (a popular US park in Maine)

Top 5 Australian beach locations for the IT commuter by Vincent McBurney  (finding that life balance)

My Five Most Awestruck Travel Experiences by Steve Madsen 

Top 5 most entertaining foreign films of the last decade by Jithin Jerald

Top Five Strategies For Travelling Light by Graham Barker

and finally, Top 5 Monkey Songs by Martin Breton  (Obvious travel tie-in, right?)

Go ahead and read through them; I’ll wait here. 🙂

(This was originally posted at my Kid Trippin’ blog, on Disney’s Family.com.)

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