A Route 66 Oklahoma landmark: Johnnie’s onion burger in El Reno

Johnnie's Grill onion burger in El Reno, Oklahoma (photo by Sheila Scarborough)While blasting north through Oklahoma enroute a speaking engagement, I saw on my map that I was passing through tiny El Reno, OK (located on historic Route 66.)

The town has three different places listed in one of my favorite references, Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood.

I couldn’t find Jobe’s and Sid’s was closed, but by golly I found Johnnie’s Grill so I stopped for their famous onion burger.

I adore onions. My kids aren’t really into them. Since this was a business trip, they weren’t with me to turn their noses up, so hah.  I got my onions.


The onions are mashed up into the burger meat while the meat cooks on the grill – you can get a burger without them if you ask.

Sides are extra, so let the waitress/waiter know if you want fries, for example.

Just to give myself a complete arterial-clogging experience, I ordered a Dr Pepper float to go with it all.

They don’t take credit or debit cards, but there’s an ATM across the street.

Get your kicks, and your onion breath….