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Have passports, will travel!The Family Travel Guide is part of BootsnAll.

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What’s special about  the family travel blog?

Although it’s true that BootsnAll began over drinks in an Aussie pub….”leading to four lads (3 Aussies and one rotund Yank) going on a trip to the European Football Championships in May ’96,” today the BootsnAll Travel Network embraces independent travel of all sorts, for all ages and interests.

In February 2006 I signed up for one and started writing about travel with my kids. I liked the BnA philosophy of travel and wanted my blog to have a home here. In August 2008, we agreed to shift the blog over to a different template and watch it really take off.

(For more on the origins of BootsnAll, read the whole story here.)

Who writes this blog?

I’m Sheila Scarborough, and I became a freelance writer after a couple of decades in the US Navy. My family has lived all over the United States, in Japan and the Netherlands, and although we’re now based in Texas, our passports are always ready to go!

It’s wonderful to visit famous places like Paris or Tokyo, but it can be equally intriguing to help kids (and their parents) discover those lesser-known places that offer the world a surprisingly rich culture.

I know I’m doing it right when my teen daughter says, “Do we have to always make every trip educational?!”

Why, yes, we do….and I’ll guide you to the good stuff.

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Find me on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Facebook, on my personal blog Sheila’s Guide to the Good Stuff (about social media in travel and tourism in support of the Tourism Currents learning community).

I also co-author (with two other writers) the Perceptive Travel blog.

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