And Now For Something Different….in Asia Travel.

I’d like to take a minute to highlight a few places in Asia that I’d like to visit (with or without kids) so that you can also put on your dreaming caps.

First, here’s a link from the always-interesting Global Voices Online (a compendium of bloggers from all over the world; great new perspectives.)  Their blogger “Our Man in Hanoi” has some interesting observations and tips for first-timers to Vietnam.

Second, Ruth Schaffer over at Let’s Visit Asia shares a cool link she found at Gecko Travel: 5 Must-Visit Places in Asia.  Neither one of us has been to any of the places listed and we’re salivating!

Finally, let’s talk about the rather grueling process of getting to Asia from North America, especially with those itchy kids. This USA Today article gives a run-down on direct flight options that don’t include journey-lengthening plane changes. What a concept; fly directly to the country you want to visit.

Don’t forget that once you get to Asia, you can overcome the “tyranny of distance” by using some of the new budget carriers that are springing up.  Nothing is as well-established yet as Europe’s ubiquitous Ryanair or EasyJet, but if you cruise around the helpful site Which Budget you will see lots of airline options: Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Tiger Airways….oh, heck, just look at this comprehensive list, or over here, to see what’s in the air in Asia.