Announcing the family travel 50 state series

50-states-map-mural-courtesy-maryatexitzero-at-flickr-ccEven though travel prices (in many cases) are plunging and there are cheap ticket deals to be had, from Minnesota to Las Vegas to  Borneo and Singapore, I think a lot of folks in the US are looking close to home for summer vacation ideas.

Enter the 50 State Family Travel Series.

Starting Tuesday, April 14 and running every Tuesday after that until we run out of states, I’m going to profile great places and events for kids in all 50 of the United States.

As a social media maven, my primary information sources will be Twitter and Facebook (with a little Alltop thrown in) plus my own experiences.

I’ll start with Wyoming on April 14….if I’m gonna go alphabetically, I want to give some love to the ones at the back of the letter line.

On Twitter I’m @SheilaS and here is my Facebook profile (let me know you’re a 50 State Series contributor) so if you want to provide input, please keep an eye out for when your state is coming up.

Don’t forget about family-friendly festivals and events, not just places, and include some off-the-beaten path goodies, too!