Back To School Doesn’t Mean “No More Vacations.”

I know it’s hard to think about family travel when your kids have just started school….mine went back about a week ago and I’m still drowning in all of the forms and “please-fill-this-out” paperwork. Some of us may have had time to take a nice, long family vacation this summer, but most Americans don’t seem to get around to it (unlike Europeans, who go on summer holidays for weeks at a time, and look at you with pity if you don’t do the same.)

Me, I was orchestrating a move this summer from one state to another and trying to find a home. There were a few bumps, and we are just today closing on a house and moving out of our hotel.

Remember, though; there are going to be 3-day weekends coming up (Labor Day, Columbus Day, etc.) plus no-school teacher workdays. Those are always great opportunities to take a quick, fun trip.

One of those many papers that came home from school is a calendar with all of those dates, plus it will be on your school’s Web site. Get a jump on things by putting all of those dates, right now, on your family calendar for the whole academic year. You can be making hotel reservations for a New Year’s getaway while everyone else is just discovering that it’s Labor Day next week.

Now that air travel is exponentially more difficult, I wouldn’t recommend flying unless you have older kids who can amuse themselves; it’s too far into the Just Too Hard category. Make it a road trip, about 2-3 hours from your house at the most.

Here are some links to get you in the planning mood:

** From the New York Times, here are practical and focused family travel sites with a wealth of information.

** Want info from real parents who “just got back” from somewhere? Take a look at the reports on, currently featuring insights on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

** As always, Frommer’s has a comprehensive list of trip planning resources for families.

** From Canada’s Globe & Mail, some ideas for house-swapping as a way to really get local with your kids in some pretty cool places.

** The Web site for the magazine Transitions Abroad has a great list of travel and culture-related Web sites.

** If you do have time for more world-wide destinations, there’s Kids Can Travel, plus Inside Out magazine has an amazing list as well.

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Note:  This is a 22 September 2006 re-post of a 25 August 2006 previously published item, from a Google cache. I am re-creating some recent posts that disappeared in a BootsnAll server crash.  The original comments were unfortunately lost.