Blog carnival round-up

Amazing globe cake (courtesy PinkCakeBox at flickr's Creative Commons)

Some posts from Family Travel have been featured in different blog carnivals around the Web, and I found some gems for you:

**  At the Carnival of Family Life hosted by the Real Life blog, readers can find my post that asks, “Are there times when it’s not a good idea to take kids to certain dangerous events like the rodeo, or an air show?”  Let’s talk about when bad things happen to good travel

My post on nursing is best for the traveling baby was also on the Carnival of Family Life hosted the previous week by Mom on Wheels.

Other Family Life carnival posts I liked included one from a Melbourne Mom who went to Showtime, apparently the Aussie equivalent of our US state fair. They ate Pluto Pups, cream polly waffles and fairy floss.  What?!

Vicky has some great tips for traveling with kids in London

Ben Cotten says that men are like cats, especially when Mom leaves town and Dad has a corn dog supply.

**  I’m always glad when I can send in a post to the Rock and Roll carnival, since it’s an interesting mix of music-related writing.  This month they featured my D.A.R.E. to stay at these hotels post on drug-related family travel (yes, there is such a thing, I think I invented it.  Way too much coffee….)

Also check out popular music in India and new trends in Bollymusic.  Are you a musician?  Review the top 8 things that unsigned/independent artists do wrong

**  The Carnival of Cities featured my post from the Perceptive Travel blog about finding plastic food in Tokyo.

There were also some great travel-related posts about Epcot in Orlando’s Walt Disney World, a Myanmar/Burma update and the “Hairy Swede” talks about Stockholm, Sweden.

**  The Carnival of Wheels at GarageBlog included my interview with drag racing star Ashley Force on The Driving Woman. In a few weeks, look for a full Ashley Force profile on the Web site section called Women and Family Car Guide

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