Blog change: opening links in a new window

We’ve had a previous discussion about whether readers prefer their links on this blog to open in a new window, or do they just want to use tabs or the “Back” button up on the upper left side of the blog page.

My personal preference was to have links open in a new window, but the more I look into this, the more I think that I need to have them open in the same window on Family Travel. 

An article by blogging expert Lorelle VanFossen in this month’s Blogger and Podcaster magazine, “7 Steps to a Better Blog,” sealed the deal for me (and schooled me on the proper use of block quotes in a blog post:)

“In fact, forcing links to open in a new window now violates Web and accessibility standards, and can even cause the blogger to lose readers. The ability of Firefox and Internet Explorer to open Web pages in tabs instead of full windows with a simple click or keystroke combination gives control back to readers, letting them decide how they want to visit link recommendations. Most know how to use their back buttons, too.”

I’ve also been tracking how other sites that I respect do business, and the fact is that I’m one of the few who opens in a new window for a link.  While I generally have no problem at all with going against the grain, this is a situation where I fear I’m just annoying people.

So, from now on, starting with this post, once you choose to go look at a link on a Family Travel blog post, you’ll need to come back here via the back button, or other method that you prefer.

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