Blogger Interview with Liz Strauss

Yes, I know, I just finished an online interview with TechZ (in Bahrain,) and here I am as a designated B.A.D. Blogger (Blogger A Day, her new interview series) with Liz Strauss for Successful Blog (in Chicago.) It was a multi-time-zone kinda day, not to mention my road trip down to Dime Box, Texas later that same day to do some research for a travel article.

Liz and I had never met or spoken on the phone before, but we knew from our blogging exchanges that we had a lot in common. In fact, much of our conversation consisted of, “Really?  That is so bizarre!” when we found yet another similarity between us….Austin, or kids, or music, or being married to a full-time Dad.

That is the beauty of the blogging world — links and conversations back and forth, plus finding new friends in the process.

Thanks, Liz.