Breaking news: I’m going to China!

My readers know what a semi-psychotic fan I am of Web 2.0/social media, not because the shiny tools themselves give me vapors, but because they allow me to meet and become friends with the most amazing people.

One of those friendships just brought me a stupendous opportunity – Elliott Ng of the travel research site UpTake and Christine Lu of the China Business Network have kindly invited me to be a participating blogger in the China 2.0 Tour in November, which ends with attending China BloggerCon in Guangzhou.

It’s hard to even type that, I’m so excited!

Other participants include author Shel Israel, tech expert Robert Scoble and Sam Lawrence of Jive Software.

This is certainly not a family travel opportunity, per se, nor is it really travel at all although we will have a little time for that. It’s mostly a tour to plug into what’s going on in social media in China, and meet many of the major players face-to-face. Since I teach Web 2.0/social media workshops and do consulting with Every Dot Connects, it’s a wonderful fit for me.

More information to follow as soon as I have it, and thanks for the support!