Breaking news: Travel Rants (hearts) Family Travel

What a nice early Christmas present….

Darren Cronian at the well-known, UK-based Travel Rants blog has kindly mentioned Family Travel as one of his “favourite travel blogs 2007.”  I’m the runner-up behind Lonely Planet’s blog for providing best travel inspiration….pretty good company, I’d say.  Cruise over to Travel Rants and check it out.

Thanks Darren! 

(I wrote a guest post for Darren awhile back if you’re interested  —  Off the beaten path in the U.S.)

While we’re at it, I also have a guest post up this week at one of the blogs that is most responsible for getting me off to a strong start in blogging:  Successful Blog, written by Chicago community genius Liz Strauss.  My post talks about steps to take when you’re ready to move to the next level as a freelancer, in any field.