British kudos for Family Travel

Trophies (courtesy Vito at flickr’s Creative Commons)Boy, this winter/spring has been an embarrassment of recognition riches.

In addition to selection by Real Simple magazine as one of their three “best travel blogs,” a mention from the Traveling Mamas as one of the family travel blogs we love, inclusion on the Travel Rants Favourite Travel Blogs 2007 list and a mention from Roaming Tales as a favorite thematic blog, I got an email today from the UK.

The TravelConnect Web site chose Family Travel as one of its Top Travel Blogs – #14 in a very eclectic list that I really like. Other honorees include:

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and links, and to Bulldog Solutions for giving me a chance to write an article for their monthly newsletter about how you or your business can do it, too….

How To Build A Blog That Draws A Crowd.

Pardon me while I go kick back and pop a little champagne right about now….I love my readers! 🙂