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Carnival of Cities for 10 February 2010

Welcome to the February 10, 2010 edition of the Carnival of Cities; the blog carnival where we take a trip around the world in one blog post.

This is a special edition of the Carnival – hurray! – because today is the 4th birthday for the Family Travel Logue here on BootsnAll, and this month is also the 3rd birthday for the Carnival of Cities.  Our first one was posted on February 19, 2007, and I launched it with Jon Symons on his unfortunately now-defunct blog network Home Turf Media. In 2008, this blog became its permanent host – but it’s a carnival, so it travels!

Thanks very much to the host for the previous Carnival edition, Glennia on the excellent blog The Silent I, and we’re looking forward to meeting Jordy Clements, who will host the next edition on Wednesday, February 24. Send him your ONE recent blog post about any aspect of ONE, single city by noon on Tuesday, February 23 – here is the Carnival submission page.

If you’d like to host this bi-weekly carnival on your blog, please email me at Sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com. Thanks!

Off we go….

Cities in the Americas

Detroit, Michigan, USA Justin Kownacki presents Detroit: America’s Self-Loathing of the Rust Belt (And What That Says About Us) posted at Justin Kownacki, saying, “As a lifelong citizen of the ‘Rust Belt,’ I’m concerned about America’s willingness to write the region off while focusing on sunnier stories and greener pastures. Maybe changing the way we think about the region will help change the way America thinks about itself.”

Chicago, Illinois, USA Ms. Smarty Pants presents Restaurant: Jeri’s Grill in Chicago posted at Ms. Smarty Pants Know It All, saying, “a 24-hour diner that’s been open since 1963.”

Des Moines, Iowa, USA Brooke Allen presents Starbucks: Iowa vs. California | Rambling Brooke posted at Rambling Brooke.

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Sonny presents Lois Mailou Jones: An Artist, and a Life, of Color posted at Seize the Day.

Cancun, Mexico Timothy Scott presents New Sand for Beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carmen posted at Luxury Latin America Blog, saying, “Cancun’s beach will be much wider this spring break period as the government has dumped tons of new sand.”

Savannah, Georgia, USA The Creative Coast presents I mean, WOW. When was the last time two HUGE icons were joined together on one stage in Savannah? posted at The Creative Coast Alliance’s Blog, saying, “Savannah and Georgia history will be made when Ted Turner and Hank Aaron arrive in town to be honored by the Georgia Historical Society and the Office of the Governor at its annual Birthday Bash and Awards Gala.”

San Jose, California, USA June Tree presents What The Silicon Valley Startups In My Life Taught Me posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “A look at Silicon Valley startups.”

Flagstaff, Arizona, USA Jennifer Miner presents Walnut Canyon – Unique Arizona Travel Activity posted at The Vacation Gals.

Omaha, Nebraska, USA Morgan Schwartz presents Valentine’s Day Dating Guide posted at – Local Writing from the Heartland, saying, “A fun guide to spending Valentine’s Day in Omaha, Nebraska.”

Caguas, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico BW presents Discover Caguas Botanical Garden: A Fine Blend of History and Nature posted at Visit The Coqui, saying, “The Caguas Botanical Garden, where history and nature meet”

Kahaluu, O’ahu, Hawaii, USA Jack Norell presents Byodo-in Temple, Hawaii posted at Eyeflare – Travel Articles and Tips, saying, “Hawaii is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and for a peaceful and relaxing trip while you are in the country, a visit to the Byodo-In Temple makes for a great day out. This Buddhist temple is one of the most picturesque locations in the country, as it is situated at the foot of the beautiful Ko´olau Mountains in an area known as the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park.”

Lake Tahoe, California, USA Jim & Martha presents Our Lake Tahoe Trip posted at Wanderlust Journey.

Washington, DC, USA Jon presents Georgia O’Keeffe Abstracts at The Phillips in Washington DC posted at The PlanetEye Traveler – Washington DC, saying, “Big upcoming exhibit of American painter Georgia O’Keeffe’s works in Washington, DC.”

Denver, Colorado, USA Arian Adams presents The Denver Chronicles posted at The Dumbass Chronicles, saying, “This is a humorous story about 3 Florida boys who get stuck in Denver on their way to Vegas. There’s lots of nightlife/city description.”

Sebastopol, California, USA   Jon presents Wacky Lawn Sculptures from Junk posted at The PlanetEye Traveler, saying, “This week I’m submitting a post about some really wacky sculptures I recently saw just north of San Francisco. Very fun!”

Buenos Aires, Argentina Tim Leffel presents Argentina Says Screw You to Foreign Tourists posted at Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations, saying, “If you are flying into Buenos Aires, it’s going to cost you $131 more per person than it did last year thanks to a new entry fee.”

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA Stephanie Seacord presents Portsmouth Peace Treaty Trail follows steps that led President Roosevelt’s Nobel posted at Examiner, saying, “Portsmouth NH is a National Trust for Historic Preservation ‘Distinctive Destination.’ Named in 2008 for its ‘longstanding commitment to historic preservation, Portsmouth, New Hampshire has never forgotten its sense of place,’ said Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

San Antonio, Texas, USA Sarah V. presents Tortillas, Pizza, and Thai Curry: Five Kid-Friendly Restaurants in San Antonio posted at Wandering Off.

Cities in Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand Lyn Harris presents Auckland: Water, Water, Everywhere posted at Traveling New Zealand.

Hue, Vietnam Jonny presents Hue’s Royal Tombs and Pagodas posted at Vietnam Travel.

Osaka, Japan reesan presents Umeda Sky Building posted at loneleeplanet, saying, “the Umeda Sky building. a must-see on any trip to Osaka.”

Cities in Europe

Cassis, France Kristie Lawler presents Cruising the Coast of Cassis posted at Nom Nom Nom.

Rome, Italy Mary Jo Manzanares presents The Roman Coliseum: Birthplace of Civilization posted at Traveling with MJ, saying, “Studying about the Roman Coliseum paled in comparison to actually seeing it.”

Cologne, Germany Kristie presents Back In Europe (Pictures!) posted at Norway – An American In Oslo, saying, “Just wanted to say that I love the carnival of cities. I am so happy to participate in it and have for years now. I think this is one of the best blog carnivals out there on the web.” (Awww, thanks, Kristie!)

That concludes this edition, and thanks so much for celebrating with me!

Submit your (one, recent, non-spammy) blog post about any aspect of just ONE, single city (or fair-sized town) to the next edition of the Carnival of Cities using our carnival submission form.  Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.