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Carnival of Cities for 13 February 2008

Carnival of Cities logoWelcome to this edition of the Carnival of Cities, and thanks for your patience as we shifted “owners” and changed the posting day. 

Thanks to Denise and the great folks at Blog Carnival, we’re up and running. 

If your blog would like to host the Carnival, I have openings for February 27th, March 5th and March 12th.  Email me at sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com. Thanks!

Here we go….

***   Cities in the Americas   ***

**  Seattle, Washington, USA   Mary Jo Manzanares writes about Tasty Tapas at Harvest Vine on her blog The Seattle Traveler.  She says, “Tapas are as much about the Basque culture as they are about the food itself.”

**  Chicago, Illinois, USA   Chris Shearer presents Two Reasons to Visit Chicago in February posted at AreWeThereYet?AreWeThereYet? (isn’t that a great name for a blog about travel with kids?)

**  New York, New York, USA   GrrlScientist has a cool video (pun intended) showing us how to get Frozen in Time at Grand Central Station, and you can find it at Living the Scientific Life.  She writes, “This is a really amazing video of what happens when an improvisational group is turned loose at Grand Central Station in NYC.”

**  (More) New York, New York, USA   Madeleine Begun Kane has a little limerick fun with Street Metal, posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.  

**  San Francisco, California, USA   CatSynth presents Basilico and Eliasson at SFMOMA (the SF Museum of Modern Art) posted at, saying, “I have been writing a bit about my new home town, San Francisco; this is a recent art-centric post from this weekend.”

**  (More) San Francisco, California, USA   Debbie Dubrow writes about Exploring San Francisco’s Waterfront with the Kids posted at her great blog Delicious Baby.  It’s about a family exploring the San Francisco waterfront on their vacation.

**  Brasília, Brazil   Matthew Hamilton gets artistic in his Travel Guide – Brasília – The City As An Art Exhibit posted at his Latin America-focused blog Travel Guide.

**  Orlando, Florida, USA   Karyn says that there is a New Water Park Opening in Orlando – Aquatica posted at the All About Orlando section of her villa rental site.  She notes that “Opening ceremonies for Aquatica will be in March.”

**  San Jose, Costa Rica (and environs)   James Brausch details all you need to know about Transportation In Costa Rica, posted at Costa Rica HQ.

**  Santa Barbara, California, USA   The Mudslide Mama (of the Traveling Mamas) is Jen Miner, and she explains How To Have a Budget Vacation in High End Santa Barbara posted at the Traveling Mamas blog.

***   Cities in Europe   ***

**  Trieste, Italy   Karen Bryan does a lovely job of describing Trieste – Italian home of cafe society posted at her Europe A La Carte Blog. 

**  Nicosia, Cyprus (and environs)   Andrew Edgington presents Tips For Buying Your Villa on the Magic Island Cyprus posted at Cyprus Informer, saying, “Cyprus is the magic island of romance, ancient history and stunning weather.”

***   Cities Everywhere   ***

**  Any City, Any Continent   Marilyn Terrell tells us that World Cities Vie for Monopoly’s Boardwalk, posted at National Geographic Traveler’s Intelligent Travel blog.  The new Monopoly “Here and Now” edition is asking people to vote on their favorite cities to be included in next version of the popular Monopoly board game.

That concludes this week’s carnival.

I was pretty loose with this edition, but several entries were not included because no matter how I stood on my head, they had nothing to do with any aspect of a particular city (and some entries barely fit the criterion.)  Thanks for your submissions, but please do remember to only submit one entry, and do tie it to a specific city or town. 

If your site is obviously just for commercial purposes or is bordering on a splog, I will be a lot pickier in the future about including it.  No one wants to come to a blog carnival and read a bunch of advertisements.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Cities using our carnival submission form. The deadline is 12 noon US Central time on Tuesday, February 19th, and the Carnival will post on the Perceptive Travel blog on Wednesday, February 20th.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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