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Carnival of Cities for 22 September 2010

Welcome to the September 22, 2010 edition of the Carnival of Cities blog carnival, where we tour the world in a single blog post.

Thanks very much to the host for the previous edition, Let’s Do Something Different, and we look forward to the next host, Netherlands-based Guido with Absolutely the Hague! on October 6.

Submissions are due by noon Den Haag time on Tuesday, October 5.

If you’d like to host the Carnival on your blog, please contact me at Sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com. Thanks!

Off we go….

Cities in Europe

Paris, France Mary Jo Manzanares presents The Louvre: A Love Affair With Art posted at Traveling with MJ, saying, “Probably the most famous museum in Paris, and although it’s not my personal favorite, it’s still worth a look.”

Manchester, United Kingdom Maria Aretoulaki (PhD) presents The Social Media scene in Manchester (UK) is very sociable! posted at VUI Design, Speech Apps & all that, saying, “Many thanks for the invitation to submit!”

Salisbury, United Kingdom Travelrat presents Salisbury Museum and Salisbury House posted at Travelrat’s Travels (with sort of a side trip to Des Moines, Iowa.)

The Hague, the Netherlands Happy Hotelier presents The Hague says: “Good bye Manolo Valdes” posted at Absolutely The Hague!, saying, “Actually the open air summer sculpture exhibition is a reason in itself to visit The Hague.”

Manchester, United Kingdom John Cass presents Manchester’s Social Media Scene posted at PR Communications, saying, “overview post of some of the happenings in social media around Manchester UK.”

Cities in Australia and New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand Liz Lewis presents Earthquake Hits Christchurch, New Zealand posted at Perceptive Travel Blog, saying, “Disaster can strike at any time and any place, including your own home town as I recently discovered when a 7.1 earthquake hit Christchurch New Zealand in the early hours of the morning.”

Cities in the Americas

Omaha, Nebraska, USA Jordy Clements presents Omaha Fashion Week Designer Interviews posted at Omaha Arts and Culture, saying, “After reading about two of this year’s Omaha Fashion Week 2010 Grand Finale designers (Daniel Muñoz, Jennie Mason), you’re going to want to see the show, right?”

Queens, New York, USA Madeleine Begun Kane presents Tornado Night posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Los Angeles, California, USA Peter Kimmich presents Where to Get the Best Tours of Los Angeles posted at TryOurLA, saying, “LA is one of the most toured cities in the US, and there is no shortage of fun, family-friendly tours you can take to explore the place in style. Here are a few suggestions to make your visit memorable.”

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Annah Rondon presents TORONTO posted at Red Means Go!, saying, “Pictures and synopsis of a lovely trip to Toronto, Canada.”

St. Augustine, Florida, USA Mike @ jammer(six) presents Our Trip to St. Augustine Beach, Florida posted at jammer(six).

Anchorage, Alaska, USA Janis Jones presents Anchorage posted at Traveling with the Jones, saying, “Anchorage is Mr. Jones’ hometown. We visit to see family and friends, but also enjoy some things tourists would enjoy. This is an “insiders” guide to visiting Anchorage, Alaska.”

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Andy Hayes presents Ottawa Day Trips posted at Sharing Travel Experiences, saying, “After you’ve seen the capital attractions, set your sights for exploring the Quebec & Ontario countryside.”

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA One Family presents Las Vegas, NV – Hot Spots posted at One Family’s Blog.

New York, New York, USA Kerry Dexter presents Music Road: Music road trip New York City: Irish Musicians posted at Music Road, saying, “New York City as a crossroads for Irish music, and a city with its own distinct Irish American sound

Lake Placid, New York, USA Beth Blair presents Lake Placid Olympic Attractions and More posted at The Vacation Gals.

Omaha, Nebraska, USA Morgan Schwartz presents Boyd and Charlies BBQ posted at Omaha Food, saying, “Stephen Gates is an Omaha food-lover, not a critic. He frequents the kind of out-of-the-way, undiscovered gems that offer great food in a relaxed setting. For his first article, he stopped by Elkhorn’s Boyd and Charlies BBQ.”

Cleveland, Ohio, USA Dominique King presents Cleveland monument is lasting tribute to President James A. Garfield posted at Midwest Guest, saying, “President James A. Garfield had one of the shortest tenures as this nation’s chief executive, but his Cleveland, Ohio, grave site and memorial is one of the most elaborate and impressive that I’ve seen for any U.S. president.”

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA Watch Me Eat presents JB’s Fish Camp in New Smyrna Beach, FL posted at Watch Me Eat, saying, “JB’s Fish Camp is a great little restaurant on the water in New Smyrna Beach, FL!”

Morelia, Mexico Timothy Scott presents Marvelous Morelia in Mexico posted at Luxury Latin America Blog, saying, “Pics and description of a fantastic city in Mexico that nobody seems to know about. Mexico’s sweets center, so great with kids too.”

Norfolk, Virginia, USA Jennifer presents Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel System posted at Two Kids and a Map.

Perry, Iowa, USA Jody Halsted hosts a cool conference at an historic hotel in town in Want to connect with Midwest bloggers? This Iowa event is for you posted at Sheila’s Guide to the Good Stuff.

Cities in Asia

Tonle Sap, Cambodia Ignatius presents Self Drive Tours: Cambodia posted at Self Drive Tours, saying, “Cambodia, a country that has gone through war and destruction.”

That concludes this edition, and thanks very much for visiting!

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