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Carnival of Cities for 28 July 2010

Welcome to the July 28, 2010 edition of the Carnival of Cities, where we tour the world in a single blog post.

Hope you enjoyed the previous Carnival edition on my tourism and social media blog, Sheila’s Guide to the Good Stuff, and the next one will be held August 11 on the Travel with Teens and Tweens Blog.

If you’d like to host on your blog, please contact me at Sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com. Thanks!

Off we go….

Cities in Europe

Milan, Italy Laura presents Milan. Where Nothing Is What It Seems posted at Travelocafe Travel Blog.

Shropshire, England, United Kingdom Anne-Sophie Redisch presents Ironbridge Gorge posted at Sophie’s World, saying, “Ironic almost, that the symbol of the Industrial Revolution is also the most charming little town.”

Derry, Ireland Kerry Dexter presents Derry: healing through the arts posted at Perceptive Travel Blog.

Cities in the Americas

Washington, DC, USA Jon presents All You Need Is (Beatles) Love posted at PlanetEye Traveler – Washington DC, saying, “Join 50 Beatles tribute and cover bands at Abbey Road on the River in Washington, DC.”

Lima, Peru Emily Harley-Reid presents Lima’s Best Food, Coffee and People-Watching posted at Blog, saying, “This blog was originally written for the company I work for after spending 11 days in Lima with my Mom.”

Los Angeles, California, USA Jack Norell presents Exposition Park Rose Garden, Los Angeles posted at Eyeflare – Travel Articles and Tips, saying, “This park is a flower enthusiast’s delight as it has over 190 rose varieties along with 20,000 separate rose bushes. Even those who aren’t huge flower lovers will find the Exposition Park Rose Garden relaxing and rejuvenating.”

Cleveland, Ohio, USA Dominique King presents Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio, recalls grand European memorial gardens posted at Midwest Guest, saying, “Planners developed Cleveland Ohio’s Lake View Cemetery in the late 1800s with the idea of creating a memorial garden to rival grand Victorian cemeteries in France and England.”

Honolulu, Hawaii One Family presents Flora and Fauna in Oahu – A Trip Report posted at One Family’s Blog, saying, “A Trip Report to Oahu, HI with a focus on the flora & fauna.”

Denver, Colorado, USA Byteful Travel presents Where can you find a surprisingly good Elvis impersonator? Denver People’s Fair, apparently. posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “Sometimes, you wander right off of one street only to wander onto another one just as compelling. And I’m so glad that I happened to wander through Denver People’s Fair because it was overflowing with MUSIC. And to my great delight, a surprisingly good Elvis impersonator was performing “Suspicious Minds”, and he was a lot of fun to watch (short video included.)”

Los Angeles, California, USA Shelly Rivoli presents Cheap and Free Los Angeles: A stroll through the Venice canals posted at Travels with Baby Tips, saying, “When you’re finished with lines at amusement parks, and doing the drive on 5, take a time-out on the quiet corridors of this off-the-track gem in L.A.”

Cancun, Mexico Timothy Scott presents Cool Cancun & Isla Mujeres Travel App posted at Luxury Latin America Blog, saying, “Can Cancun be cool? Really? This inexpensive app from guidebook author Zora O’Neill shows it’s possible – and there’s a category for kids.”

That concludes this edition, and thanks for visiting.

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