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Carnival of Cities for 7 Feb 2008

Life's a carnival in the city!

Welcome to the new host blog for the Carnival of Cities, a blog carnival that rounds up a variety of posts about any aspect of a single city.  Normally this carnival posts on Monday, but assorted crises intervened this week so I’m just now posting.  Thanks very much for your patience.

The plan is to move the posting day to Wednesday, since Mondays don’t work well for me now that my drag racing blogging season is about to start.

I helped to set up and launch this blog carnival for the soon-to-be defunct Home Turf Media blog, so when it needed a new semi-permanent home I felt compelled to take it in here on Family Travel. Once it’s been here and maybe over at Perceptive Travel for a few weeks, I’d love to “set it free” to wander around to other blogs who would like to host.

I’m still having problems logging into the main Blog Carnival site as administrator, but I’ve attempted to stitch together this week’s offerings anyway.

**  Cities in the Americas  **

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Gudrun Enger covers this beautiful city (and a little of the area around it) in 48 Hours: Family Trip to New Mexico.  She writes at the Kango blog.

Makawao, Hawaii, USA Kailani blogs about living in paradise at An Island Life. Her “Wordless Wednesday” photo shows that it’s snowing on Maui.  It’s not uncommon to see snow on Mauna Kea. But Haleakala?

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Mary Jo Manzanares blogs about Having a Sensory Experience at the Royal BC Museum posted at The Seattle Traveler. This is one of her favorite museums to visit (and as a flight attendant, she sees a lot of them.)

Winslow, Arizona, USA Are you wondering why this town sounds familiar?  It’s from a song by the Eagles – Beth (she’s the Desert Mama at Traveling Mamas) is hanging out with the lyrics, standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona (“and such a fine sight to see….”)

Washington, DC, USA Jon presents Monument Monday – A Monument to Words posted at his blog The DC Traveler. The Library of Congress in Washington, DC is a monument to words. With more than 30 million books, 5 million maps, a million government publications and more than 300 years of newspapers, it’s a place for the serious researcher or the casual book lover.

Breckenridge, Colorado, USA poetloverrebelspy has fun with the Friday Freebie: Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships posted at the budget-conscious Less Than a Shoestring. It may be too late for you to plan this year’s trip to Breckenridge, but it’s never too early to get together a team for next year and practice, practice, practice….before the snow melts!

New York, New York, USA GrrlScientist is not a native New Yorker, but she has some wonderfully well-written thoughts (and a little history) about the Brooklyn Bridge in Bridge To Opportunity (Reprise) posted at her blog Living the Scientific Life.

**  Cities in Europe  **

Paris, France Vera Lang presents I Love Touring Paris – The Eighteenth Arrondissement posted at Travel Trip  The city of Paris is laid out in zones called ‘arrondissements’. The 18th arr. is where you’ll find the arts, in places like the world-famous cabaret house Moulin Rouge (I can still hear Edith Piaf in my mind) and nearby Montmartre, the well-known painter’s heaven. Visit the art market and some of the museums, and don’t forget to enjoy the astonishing views of Paris.

Edinburgh, Scotland Karen Bryan presents Discover the Water of Leith Walkway, Edinburgh posted at Europe A La Carte Blog. She notes that there is a lot more to enjoy in Edinburgh than just Stirling castle (where Mary, Queen of Scots was crowned Queen of Scotland) or the famous Fringe arts festival.

**  Cities in Asia  **

Mt Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan — We didn’t have any carnival submissions for Asia (or South America or the MidEast – send ’em in!) so I’ve included a guest post that I wrote for the new Family Travel blog, about climbing Mt. Fuji with my (then) preteen daughter.

That wraps this week’s Carnival of Cites.

Please submit your blog post (about any aspect of a single city) to the next edition of the Carnival, using our carnival submission form.

The next edition will be hosted here on Family Travel on Wednesday, February 13, 2008. The deadline for submission is noon US Central time the day before; Tuesday, February 12 (the Blog Carnival index page for this carnival still says submit Sundays to post Mondays, but I’ll change that as soon as I can get myself logged in there.)