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Carnival of Cities resceduled on UpTake

For those who sent in their blog posts to the November 19 UpTake-hosted edition of the Carnival of Cities, and then wondered what cliff they seem to have fallen off of….

Between me in China and key UpTake people at the PhoCusWright08 travel conference, last week was rather a vast wasteland of craziness, so we weren’t able to get the edition up, and I do apologize.

Here’s the plan: we still have all of your submissions, and I’m going to work with UpTake to post them Wednesday, Dec 3rd instead; I’ve looked them over and very few are time-sensitive.

The Carnival will be hosted by Less Than a Shoestring this week (on November 26 – get your entries in by noon tomorrow/Tuesday,) then catchup with UpTake the next week (Dec 3) then we’ll host on December 10 at the Perceptive Travel blog.

Sorry to everyone for the confusion!