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It has been a busy spring for me, with tons of writing and blogging….really, who can complain about doing “tons” of what they love? 

In addition to the launch of my Kid Trippin’ blog on the new Disney Web site, plus working up an article for the new online magazine Automotive Traveler, I’d like to formally announce my participation in the launch of another travel blog that is an offshoot of the online magazine Perceptive Travel.

The Perceptive Travel Blog is the brainchild of travel writer and editor Tim Leffel, author of the books “Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune: The Contrarian Traveler” and “The World’s Cheapest Destinations,” plus his Cheapest Destinations blog and the Practical Travel Gear blog.  

Tim started Perceptive Travel magazine to give unique, unusual and cultural travel articles a place to be happy and thrive, and he wants the Perceptive Travel Blog to have the same point of view.  In addition to my own contributions, there are two other bloggers, Antonia Malchik in New York and Steve Davey in London.  

We’re all having a great time with travel topics that perhaps don’t fit easily elsewhere (or we’re too impatient to wait to see them in print media.)  Come pay us a visit!

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