Did you know about the Missouri Amish?

Highway sign warning of Amish buggies in Jamesport MO (Scarborough photo)Most of us know about the large Amish population in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but not many are aware that there are Amish in the Midwest as well.

We visited one such community — little Jamesport in bucolic northwest Missouri.

These are “old order” Amish, with the strictest requirements for plain clothing (no buttons, only pins) and they avoid using electricity, automobiles, gas-powered farm equipment, etc.

The result is a plain and simple life that has become a small but growing tourism draw in this part of the state.

I did not take any photos of the Amish for the blog because they forbid “graven images” of people, but the ones we spoke to were friendly and patiently answered a few polite questions about their lifestyle.

Our room at the Arbor House Country Inn, Jamesport MO (Scarborough photo)

We stayed at the very comfy, well-supplied Arbor House Country Inn (hurray for their free WiFi!) which is right near “downtown.”

We’re talking a four-way stop sign and that’s it, folks.

There are several small antique and gift shops near the four-way, and a very helpful Visitor’s Center, but our favorite places to visit were the Amish businesses just outside of town.

Local business signs in Jamesport, MO (Scarborough photo)

After watching the busy bidding at the weekly Amish produce auction (which we just stumbled upon) my teenage daughter and I also admired beautiful quilts and furniture at Sherwood Quilts and Craft Shop, owned by Verna & Menno Graber, 1091 U Hwy, (660) 684-6802.

There was also an amazing variety of bulk foods and unusual items at H & M Country Store, owned by Sarah and Laverne Beechy, 21910 Hwy 190, (660) 684-6344.

I’m working up a possible travel article for a Texas newspaper, so can’t spill all the beans, but do consider a stop here if you’re traveling across northern Missouri.

I wish we’d stayed longer.

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