Disney’s Family site is now live

In a post earlier this week I talked about some interesting writing and blogging opportunities that have come my way, one of which is the new Disney Web site and community on Family.com.  The site is now launched and live, and we’d love for you to visit and see what you think.

All of the blogger contributors to the site (on a variety of parenting topics, not just travel) can be found here, and my own family travel blog, Kid Trippin’, is here. 

I’m still building content, but there are new posts on using Internet cafes when you travel and 6 steps to travel planning Nirvana.

As with any new venture online, there are going to be problems with suddenly-dead pages or other weird technical burps, but I can assure you that Lauren and Mark and all of the other Walt Disney Internet Group folks are working overtime to clear up any glitches.

Thanks for visiting.