Drag racing and blog carnivals

I’m up near Dallas tonight, ready to hop out of my hotel bed tomorrow and start working the finishing touches on a Texas drag racing story that I’m writing for Texas Highways magazine. The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Fall Nationals will be held at the Texas Motorplex this weekend, and your trusty correspondent is also covering them for the Fast Machines motorsports blog.

Yes, you can take your kids to a drag race, and it’s a lot of fun!

There has also been some interesting writing this week in the diverse world of blog carnivals.

My post on a special event for homeschoolers in Colonial Williamsburg was featured in the homeschooling blog carnival.

If you’re curious about homeschooling, check out these posts and descriptions from the carnival:

** Summer M presents Homeschooling As a Class Issue posted at Mom Is Teaching. Choosing to live on one income isn’t just for the wealthy.

** Dana presents Revealing the secrets of homeschooling, how I get it all done posted at Principled Discovery.

** In Homeschool Record Keeping, Patti of All Info About Homeschooling looks at several ways to match your need for accurate documents with your level of organization and your family’s balance of chaos.

** Annette Berlin presents Don’t Neglect Art posted at Homeschooling Journey saying, “Most homeschooling parents consider art a “back burner” kind of subject. They get to it only when there’s nothing more important to do. And even then, they do just enough to satisfy their state’s regulations. Not me.”

** DeputyHeadmistress presents Out of Doors Play posted at The Common Room. “Children who aren’t handling wood and clay, sand and water, bricks and acorns, leaves and grass, and other such stuff because they are too busy inside in a sterilized, sanitized environment lit by artificial lights and enhanced by artificially created noises, the beeps, sings, and whistles of computers and cartoons- these kids are not figuring out what to do with the things they learn.”

** In Unsocialized or Socialized, Jocelyn of Lothlorien wonders why homeschoolers are often taken to be unsocialized. Well… after a trip to the grocery store and a run-in with a very unsocialized teenager, it made her wonder… Do people really know what they’re talking about?

** Lynn tackles The Socialization Red Herring posted at Homeschool2.0 Blog. After 17 years of homeschooling, she sees the socialization concerns and objections as being lamer than ever.

Additionally, my post on Hispanic Heritage Month travel options was featured on the Carnival of Family Life. For more family thoughts:

** I liked the Veteran Military Wife‘s thoughts on Tent Camping with the Scouts at Ft Desoto Beach (in Florida) since it’s “Camping tips for non-campers.”

** A road trip is one of my favorite activities; I checked out Jody DeVere’s Road Trip Survival Guide posted at Ask Patty – Automotive Advice for Women.

Finally, the Carnival of Cities had its debut in Dubai on the Sandier Pastures blog, and included my post about a Chicago River architecture cruise. I’ll highlight the carnival’s posts about Europe:

** Sognatrice takes us Into the heart of Calabria: benvenuti a badolato! in Bleeding Espresso.

** Liz Lewis presents the basics of Segway travel in Madrid on Two Wheels, The Segway Tour posted at My Year of Getting Published.

** Hairy Swede shares his Triumphant Return to Student Life in Uppsala posted at A Swedish American In Sweden.

If you want to see more, click on through and read each carnival’s full set of entries.

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