Family Travel blog recognized by Real Simple magazine

Real Simple magazine logo

It’s quite an honor to be noticed….

The March 2008 issue of one of my favorite lifestyle magazines, Real Simple, includes the Family Travel blog in its list of The Best Blogs.

Thank you! That’s a pretty nice 2-year birthday present, don’t you think?

I’m in august company with some heavy travel hitters:

There are a variety of topics on the “Best of” list; I saw my own personal favorites Zen Habits, Kathy Maister’s Start Cooking and personal organizing with 43 Folders. Even though I’m a bit constrained by budget, I also plan to check out the perfectly-named Blogdorf Goodman (written from non-fashiony Youngstown, Ohio!)

That’s a serendipitous moment in blogging — toiling away, hoping you’re being helpful to someone, and big ol’ Mainstream Media actually stops and takes a look. 🙂

For my fans at Real Simple and wherever else you are, I do appreciate it very much.