Family travel in South Carolina

South Carolina horse greets kids (courtesy hdport at Flickr CC)Every Tuesday until we run out of states, I plan to post about family-friendly vacation ideas, attractions and events in each one of the US states, taking input mostly from Twitter and Facebook.

Yes, I know how to search for travel ideas on a destination or attraction Web site, but a tweet or a Facebook Wall recommendation is a much more engaging and public way to spread the word.

Please don’t email suggestions to me;  that’s nice but it is one-to-one communication. Tweet me and/or Facebook me, so that all of our networks can see what’s cool about your state.

We’re going in alphabetical order but started with the end, so our first state for the series was Wyoming, then we investigated Wisconsin , West Virginia , Washington, Virginia, Vermont, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota and now we’re moving on to….South Carolina!

I couldn’t find their state tourism organization on Twitter, but the state capital city of Columbia is @columbiasc and state parks are @SC_State_Parks.  I didn’t find state tourism on Facebook, either, but western South Carolina regional tourism has a Thoroughbred Country Facebook page and so does South Carolina State Parks.

When I asked for ideas there wasn’t much of a response (summer doldrums?) but here’s what came in….

Twitter Travel Tips for South Carolina

***  From Dominique King via @midwestguest on Twitter  —  My best kid-friendly idea for S. Carolina: The trip to Fort Sumter near Charleston. Learn history, cool fort, neat boat ride out to it.

***  From Francisco Collazo & Julie Schwietert Collazo via @collazoprojects on Twitter  — Penn Center (overlooked & beautiful part of African-American & American history) + gumbo not far away! Here’s a link: I’m from SC & went for first time a few years ago. On the (only) road out to Penn Corner, there’s a row of little boutiques in some old houses. Gumbo in parking lot. Good stuff.

***  From Antonia Malchik via @amalchik on Twitter  —  A link to her Perceptive Travel Blog post reactions to a major South Carolina beach resort area, The Straight Story: Hilton Head Island.

Thanks, everyone! I didn’t have any input on Facebook.

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Thanks so much for the contributions – the next state in the series is Rhode Island.

Send your “Little Rhody” highlights to @SheilaS on Twitter or write them on my Facebook Wall (please tell me you’re a 50 state-er if you want to friend me.)

My purpose for this series is not only to highlight worthy kid-friendly vacation destinations in all 50 states, but by using Twitter and Facebook I want to also encourage tourism organizations to learn more about connecting with their visitors using social media and online networks.

Please add your own South Carolina suggestions in the comments below, if we’ve missed anything. Thanks!