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The UK's Guardian

Oh, boy.  There is nothing like sitting down at the beloved laptop on a Saturday morning (sorry, I’m a sicko and I wrote that with a straight face) with my first cup of coffee, popping open the ol’ email and finding the nicest note from Stuart at the UK Web site The Family Adventure Project.

He and his wife Kirstie found this blog today in the UK newspaper the Guardian, because — taa-daa — the paper listed Family Travel as a “Best of the Net!”  In a list of proposed alternatives to the just-announced Travvies, there is FT in all its glory as a “Best Practical Blog.”

Wow! What an extraordinary honor….or for my other English readers, an “honour.” 🙂

I often link to the Guardian because they have a great online travel site, plus it’s always good to troll non-US publications for a new slant on travel and a different point of view (my RSS feeds also include the Telegraph, the Independent, the Times, Canada’s Globe and Mail and the Sydney Morning Herald.)

Thanks so much to Stuart for letting me know about this, and also for the chance to check out his site.  He put a Family Travel link on his page “Inspirational Stories Online,” which is simply chock-full of the most amazing stories of families on bikes, families on boats and families in Africa. It’s a thrill to be listed with such company.

In my thrumming practicality, I must now go to the grocery store because we are low on cat litter and cereal. What a comedown, but the glow remains. 

Thanks so much.

Update 4 March: I should have put this in the post in the first place but wasn’t thinking straight — here are the other travel blogs recommended by the Guardian:

Best Travel BlogTravelPod
Best Destination BlogMetroblogging Berlin
Best Single Author BlogTony Wheeler’s Blog
Best Group Written BlogWandalust
Best Photography on a BlogTokyoShoes 

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