Family Vacation in Maine: Beach House Rentals

The folks over at Jaunted have some good guidance for towns and specifics on vacation home rentals in Maine’s coastal communities.  We’ve vacationed in Maine a couple of times (fortunately we can stay with friends in the perfect little town of Castine and snarf down the delicious berry scones at Bah’s Bakehouse) so I can highly recommend the charms of Down East.

Tug of War during the Castine, Maine 4th of July celebration (Scarborough photo)

Even LL Bean in Freeport at the height of summer was fun (once the little one fell asleep in the stroller.)

                                      Paddle Inspection, LL Bean Store, Freeport Maine (Scarborough photo)

Just remember to move quickly; the rental goodies get snapped up early.  There are lots of Mom & Pop motels as well if you can’t get your planning brain moving until late May.

Update 2 June 2006:   This article in Budget Travel gives a nice itinerary for mid-coast Maine including places to stay (and places to get the all-important lobster rolls.)

Children's Museum, Portland Maine (Scarborough photo)