Farewell to Kid Trippin’

Nobody said that the writer’s life is a secure one, but then neither is life in Corporate Land these days.

As of this month, my family travel blog Kid Trippin’ (for Disney’s Family.com Web site) is on indefinite hiatus.  I enjoyed working with my editors, who were professional enough to call me personally and explain that there was not a problem with me or my writing, just that the company is taking a pause to sort out where they want to take the site and the online presence that they want to build.

It’s frustrating to create a blog from the ground up and then have it shut down, and frankly it was the first really decent blogging money that I’ve made, but I’m OK with it as long as the issue is not my work.  Blogs and sites are not a “build it and they’ll come” proposition — you have to market and work RSS feeds and a host of other things in addition to the obvious requirement to write good content.  I took care of content and made suggestions in the other areas, but that’s the downside to corporate blogging; a lot of things are out of the writer’s control. 

By the way, interested in blog promotion?  Check out Successful Blog’s 20 Blog Promotion Guides to Inform Your Strategy.  Thanks for the helpful info, Liz Strauss!  Good online marketing ideas are also easy to find on Wendy Piersall’s Inspired Business Growth blog for Entrepreneur.com.

We’re at an interesting point in the business blogging continuum and the development and growth of online media.  Some things will work and some won’t.  I don’t like being associated roadkill 🙂 but I certainly understand it.

R.I.P., Kid Trippin’ and all the other bloggers out there who are with me on the Web 2.0 wave, rough as it may be.

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