Fries/Chips With That Combo? Manchester United and Disneyland Paris

Entrance, Disneyland Paris (Scarborough photo)This evening I stumbled upon this 2004 article on the UK’s Guardian Unlimited Web site; it’s about a Manchester United Soccer School affiliated with Disneyland Paris.

The article’s rather heavy on Brit-speak and presumes some knowledge of the sport, but it’s a fun read.

Not wanting to post out-of-date info if I can help it, I did some research and confirmed that Manchester United does still run the sessions.

They are not only in Paris, but elsewhere around the globe, including the U.S.

Autographs by the Big Bad Wolf, Disneyland Paris (Scarborough photo)Looks to me as though you could combine a Soccer School session with a Park visit.

Quite the cultural mixer for the kids.

I just want to know….why did ManU, of all teams, call it “Soccer” instead of “Football?”