Get Some Family Aloha When You Travel To Hawaii

Fun in Hawaii (Scarborough photo)For me, Hawaii is one of those few wonderful places that really lives up to its hype.

Now, I’m quite biased. My first Navy ship was based in Pearl Harbor; to celebrate my arrival to the islands, one of my shipmates took me to the Sheraton Waikiki’s famous banyan tree to drink a Mai Tai while the sun set on our Diamond Head view.


I’ve returned with kids and continued to find that it’s a magical place. There are a ton of guidebooks that cover the islands much better than I can, but I do have some recent links that you might enjoy.

** As is my wont, I must lead off by overwhelming you with 101 Free (or inexpensive) things to do on Oahu. There are a ridiculous number of choices for visitors. I do recommend a luau (not free or particularly cheap) for atmosphere and succulent Kailua pig. As for poi….well, I did try it.

Also not cheap but worth it are surfing lessons if the kids are interested. My daughter still talks about the sunburnt, Mohawked “Coach Eddie” who got her up standing on a surfboard in one afternoon.

** Remember that there’s more to Oahu than Waikiki; check out the surfers at Banzai Pipeline and the laid-back North Shore. Kids love Matsumoto’s shave ice, or investigate Wendy Perrin’s recommendations.

** Follow the contemplative steps of early Hawaii visitor Mark Twain, particularly to the Big Island (volcanoes are very cool, no pun intended.)

** Maui is another fun and funky island to visit.

** Great news for travelers; it’s getting even easier to go from island to island. Airlines that specialize in inter-island transportation are adding routes and growing. If you don’t want to fly there is a new high-speed ferry to get you and the kids out and about.

Eat some nice juicy pineapple for me, will you?

No Respect for Del Monte Pineapples (Scarborough photo) Oahu Pineapple Ready to Pick (Scarborough photo)

Update 25 May 2006: Here’s a link just in on best places in the Hawaiian islands to enjoy water sports like bodysurfing and kayaking.

Update 30 Sept 2006: How about the New York Times, “36 Hours in Honolulu?”