Gifts for the active parents

I must admit that the hardest thing for me to do is buy gifts for my girlfriends who are also mothers. Since I have yet to experience this joy, I’m not exactly good at choosing anything for them. Let’s just say, I just gave “Bamby” (illustrated) to a friend of mine whois girl is at kindergarten and a book about parenting to my best friend, who’s boy is 8. Not exactly the best choices, eh?

Oh and should I mention the time when I made a total fool of myself asking my best friend “you actually traveled with your boy when he was a baby?” Guilty!

So, dear friends, who need to buy gifts for those who are parents…first of all, do a little research about traveling with kids . It’s not a nightmare – but it surely can turn into one, and easily! – and it’s different than backpacking solo around Europe.

If you’ve got new parents in your group of friends, choose among these travel gifts for new parents . They will be happy that you’ve considered their new status and their love for travel. The stroller and car seat combo is an excellent gift, by the way. And slip a copy of the Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children in the gift bag as well.

Or, you can look up some family travel deals and get some vouchers for your friends. Sure, I bet the moms will love a week away from …everything, at one point or another (shhh, this is something I’ve learned from my friends but promised never to talk about it).

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