Got an amazon Kindle? Subscribe to Family Travel Logue on it!

Stay up-to-date wherever life takes you. Read my blog on Amazon Kindle.The amazon Kindle electronic reading device is not the be-all, end-all of “electronic book” technology, but like the Apple iPhone’s impact on mobile phones, it moves the genre forward considerably.

You can read a lot more than books; owners of the wireless-enabled Kindle can subscribe to newspapers, magazines and blogs as well.

Through one of my content syndication services, Newstex, the content on this BootsnAll Family Travel Logue is now available for subscription on the Kindle (it’s listed under Lifestyle and Culture – Parenting blogs rather than Regional and Travel.)

The subscription costs US 0.99/month – none of that goes to me (although I occasionally accrue syndication money from Newstex, so maybe that’s my reward.) Of course, the blog is free to read on an iPhone or other Web-enabled device, but then you’re paying data rate costs.

If you subscribe to Family Travel on Kindle, please let me know if you ever have any problems with how the content appears on your device.