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Great Travel Links for 02.11.2008

Silly me; I had a full day of work lined up until my son, who is fighting a staph infection, suddenly erupted in a many-spotted-total body reaction to his medication. Home from school for two days. Oh boy.

And no, Sainted Husband does not need to take a turn. As a full-time Dad for several years with each of our kids, he’s done his bit and I think the world needs a high school math teacher at work today, more than a writer.

It’s a shortish links list this week, but some good nuggets:

** In celebration of Black History Month, the Harlem Spirituals heritage tours (mentioned in a recent USA Today article on visiting Harlem) has some special February offerings in New York:

  • African-American Heritage NYC Harlem tour plus soul food brunch (9:30am to 2:30pm): $79 per adult, $69 per child. Tour available on Saturday, February 16th.
  • African-American Heritage NYC all-day (9:30am to 4:30pm) with lunch: $99 per adult, $89 per child. Tour available on Saturday, February 23rd.

This is a great opportunity to look behind the scenes with tourguides who have 25 years of experience with tourism in Harlem.

** The Money Blue Book blog extols the virtues of joining those freebie hotel rewards programs. I never used to mess with this and I still don’t obsess over points, but I can say that our forced stay at a Springhill Suites (before we could finally move into a newly-purchased home) accrued enough points for a free stay when my daughter and I drove through Kansas City last summer.

** Someone needs to pay for me to travel on assignment to Australia; these two Aussie islands sound divine.

** Blog carnival link love abounds: my Perceptive Travel post about a Dutch brewery was featured in the Life Lessons of a Military Wife Carnival, the FT post about Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park ran in the Carnival of Family Life and the Carnival of Travelers, and the post about a unique spa treatment in Eureka Springs AR ran in the Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival and the Americas version of the Travel on a Shoestring Carnival.

** Heather Armstrong’s dooce is one of the original and one of the best blogs about daily life and parenting (and her photograpy is spectacular.) How fun that she’s discovered one of my family’s favorite treats from Japan — Pocky candy.

** Ever considered a round-the-world trip with your kids? This family is living the dream. We also have ideas for travel to Israel and a realistic look at the challenge of travel to Tokyo.

** If you’re thinking about spring and summer travel, here are some tips: order the Disney vacation planning DVD and do some homework because the parks are huge, ask these 10 questions before renting an RV, consider 4 times when you shouldn’t travel, and enjoy 10 ideas for classic quiet family holidays with a European slant.

** Finally, thank you so much for the kind words from fellow bloggers….the Traveling Mamas named us one of the “family travel blogs we love”, and Roaming Tales recommended us as one of their top thematic travel blogs.