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Great Travel Links for 02.18.2008

Welcome to the Monday rundown of good travel-related links from across the Webiverse:

**  Air travel with kids is always a challenge, especially for single parents.   If they’re treated well, however, that airline may have a customer for life.

**  Looking for good places to take kids? Consider teens in Barcelona, sightseeing in Paris with kids or even hanging out in Borneo.  The UK’s Times Online has 5 family travel trends for 2008Conde Nast Traveler’s Perrin Post has suggestions for buying airline tickets from airfare consolidators and there are New York hotel bargains available.

**  From the Frommer’s forum, does this Prague trip with a 12 year-old sound crazy?

**  Don’t be content to go to the same old places; Sherman’s Travel offers up the top 10 underrated US cities (and what do you know, one of them is my favorite new discovery, Kansas City, and another is Providence, which I discussed in a blog post about Rhode Island.)

**  If you’re planning spring travel, consider destinations for spring budget travel, activities during the half-term holiday in London (hey, travel company Go Today has a London package right now) Miami attractions for kids and getaway ideas for Easter weekend.

**  Learn from the experts:  how does Pauline Frommer travel?

**  Already thinking about summer travel?  You Travel Ninja, you!  There are historic Texas train excursions, the civil rights trail in Washington DC, scuba diving with kids and great day/long weekend trips in northern California and the Washington DC metro area.

**  Two good tips that I found in Budget Travel magazine’s 20 Tips compilation of reader’s travel insights: 

  1. “Now my husband boards at first call with all our carry-ons, and my daughter and I wait until final call. By the time she and I get to our seats, my husband has everything organized. My daughter and I just buckle in.” Amanda Pekrul, Charlotte, N.C.
  2. “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is a great resource for environmental programs and outings throughout the U.S. ( In southeast Tennessee, for example, you can join a freshwater biologist on an underwater fish-viewing excursion in the Conasauga River, and in Colorado you can take part in a wildlife watch workshop.” Sherel Purcell, Toronto, Ont.

**  Finally, it’s been a busy week of wonderful recognition both online and off, so thanks to Real Simple magazine for including Family Travel in their list of best blogs, and to Bulldog Solutions for having me as a speaker for their Friday company meeting.