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Great Travel Links for 03 Nov 2008

Here’s what I’ve found around the Web lately….

Finally, thanks so much to the great bloggers who hosted the Carnival of Cites throughout October….Delicious Baby on Oct 8, Traveling the Green Way on Oct 16, the dashing foXnoMad on Oct 22 and The Mother of All Trips wrapped up Oct 29.

I will host the next Carnival of Cities here on Family Travel this Wednesday Nov 5 (deadline for entries is noon on Tuesday Nov 4) then we’ll take a week’s break while I’m in China before I work with the awesome UpTake blog to host November 19 as part of a sponsorship package we worked out for China (thank you, UpTake!)

Also, big thanks to other carnivals that have featured my posts recently: the Carnival of Children’s Literature, the Military History Carnival and the Carnival of Family Life.