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Great Travel Links for 06 July 2009

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, including the folks celebrating Independence Day in the US.

***  You’re busy, right? Need to cut to the travel-planning chase? The Budget Travel blog “This Just In” shows how to find the “best of” almost anywhere.

***  Don’t do it! Even after you read my Survivor’s Guide to Walt Disney World and get your family all worked up to visit Orlando,  UpTake has 5 reasons NOT to go to Disney World on your summer vacation. Can you say, “Sticky heat and mosquitoes the size of Volkswagens?”  If you must go, see the new audio-animatronic President Obama, just added to the Hall of Presidents.

***  More for Laura Ingalls Wilder fans – finding Laura’s homes on a trip with your kids – hot on the trail of pioneering author’s childhood footsteps.

***  Go wild; Kids Can Travel talks about African safaris with kids and National Geographic Traveler‘s blog has info on staying healthy on a Kenyan family safari.

***  Out in the Pacific Northwest, Fodor’s has 5 essential family stops on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula.   Can you say Forks, you Twilight fans?

***  The UK’s Independent points out that this is a good time for long-haul flying with the family, especially if you’re British.  Then again, keeping kids entertained on long flights is a challenge, although one of the World Hum writers now has some clarity and understanding herself on that issue.

***  Upgrade to first class for more room? Whoa, think hard about that, says Chris Elliott in his article; should kids be banned from first class? Some would say so. (I would not, because if I could afford it, I’d do it. My money’s as green as some business person’s expense account, and my kids and I have just as much of a right to fly if we have the ability to pay.)

Your thoughts?