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Great Travel Links for 09 February 2009

Thanks for your patience as we recovered from mass intestinal disease in my house all of last week.  I’m not up for much original thought today, but do have helpful/interesting travel links from around the Web:

  • The more that air travel, well, blows chunks, the more I’m thinking TRAINS. So are others: Gadling says to ride the rails, and social media thought leader Chris Brogan has 11 reasons to take the train. Too bad I’m in Central Texas and don’t have many train options. Blarg.
  • The bad economy means a boom in budget hotels everywhere – here’s the UK’s Guardian on the battle of the budget hotels in Great Britain.
  • Let me wrap up with a loud cheer for the unique and wonderful Perceptive Travel webzine (I’m one of three authors for the associated Perceptive Travel blog.) Editor Tim Leffel always has unique travel narratives by terrific writers; the webzine just celebrated its 3rd birthday plus it will now publish monthly. Cost to you? Not a dime. Support independent travel writing that isn’t dull and formulaic.