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Great Travel Links for 1 July 2008

I’m easing back into the regular blogging schedule, but still have some extra work going on, so posting will be light this week.

Here are a few good links I’ve picked up along the way….

Twelve clever uses for your digital camera  —  Love this, especially how to take and save a photo on the camera that might help someone return it to you if the camera’s lost.

Kid’s food allergies are no laughing matter  —  My kids are fairly allergy-free (except for sulfa drugs, we discovered) but here’s why that peanut butter & jelly sandwich that you innocently pack for the plane trip might be a real problem.  Eat it in the terminal, instead.

How to make a summer museum trip with kids worthwhile  — You know I insist on taking my kids to museums like the Louvre when I can; nice to see the ideas in this article from Slate.  (Related post on Family Travel: 8 cool European museums you’ve never heard of, and did you know that King Tut’s treasures are going to start touring the U.S.?)

30+ tools for finding cheap travel accommodations  —  The tech site Mashable doesn’t cover travel all that often, but boy, when they do….what a timely list.

Round the World Families  —  Ever thought about taking the kids off of the usual grid and going around the world?  Here are families who are doing it or have done it (soultravelers3  and Family on Bikes are regular Family Travel visitors.)

And finally, a couple of good articles by my fellow contributor Hannah Boyd  —  Eat Up! 10 Summer Food Festivals and America’s Best Waterparks.