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Great Travel Links for 11.26.2007

Happy Monday, folks, and welcome to the first day of the Grand Blogging Plan here on Family Travel.  We have great travel links today to start your post-Turkey Day week:

**  Winter travel ideas for families, from New York magazine’s October 22, 2007 issue.  Five of them are US (Catskills, Jackson Hole, Hawaii’s Big Island, Deer Valley-Park City and Falls Brook in the Adirondacks) and one is in Brazil (Iranduba in an Amazon jungle lodge.)

**  A newbie’s guide to surfing, from Brave New Traveler, just in case you and the kids live below the equator or are going to travel to someplace with warmth and waves. 

**  Doing it right at a Shinto shrine, from a unique and thoughtful blogger in Japan.

**  Visit the Time Out Christmas shop, for sale offers and deals on some of my very favorite guidebooks, the Time Out series.  My London, Tokyo and Chicago copies are well-thumbed.

**  Top five off-peak destinations for winter 07-08, from Smarter Travel. They recommend Santa Fe, the Sonoma Valley CA, Montreal, London and Milwaukee.

**  European Delivery featured in Automotive Traveler (free registration required.) Find out what happens when a family buys a BMW 550i and drives it home via Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

**  The Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald weighs in on best airlines for kids, and gee, none of them are American carriers.  It’s like reading about a parallel flying universe. Goody bags?

**  World Hum says that more American families are taking year-long global trips.

**  The Los Angeles Times suggests 15 places to see the real California.

Thanks for visiting, and have a super week.

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