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Great Travel Links for 14 July 2008

In my continuing quest to follow my own blogging schedule, here is a Monday roundup of great travel-related links that I’ve uncovered for your skimming pleasure:

Places to Visit

Tips and Advice

The Crybaby Section

Finally, I take exception to the recent email and snail mail campaign by the major U.S. airlines, crying about “oil speculators” driving up the price of doing business. In my opinion, their current struggles relate directly to crappy management and bad customer service, coupled with the same soaring worldwide demand for finite petroleum resources that all of us are grappling with.

I agree with Chris Elliott’s translation/analysis of what’s really being said to airline customers:  “High fuel costs are going to push half of us into bankruptcy. We need you to bail us out.”  Sorry, guys, the market is shaking you out, and your customers are too disgusted with you to write any letters to Congress.

This is why I’m exploring every non-flying travel option for a possible September trip to Kansas City for a conference, including driving myself or taking the bus or the train.  None are looking better than flying right now, which would be fine if I thought my expensive airline ticket would mean a reasonably pleasant flight. It won’t, so I’m still looking.

Airlines, send a sharp K Street lobbyist to sell your cause to Congress. I won’t do your work for you; I’m sharpening my pencil for a better deal.