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Great Travel Links for 25 August 2008

Welcome to the normal Monday offering; travel-related links from around the Web.  It’s tough to keep up with the flood, but I do try to find the good nuggets, and I always look beyond US-based publications for travel tips and ideas.

  • From Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald:  Is a cruise a good idea for family travel? Tales from one set of parents –taking kids on a cruise in two boys and a boat.
  • From the Perceptive Travel blog (where I’m one of three authors) Antonia Malchik, a new Mom, says she’s ready to travel, but how? After a few trips with the baby, here’s her free, highly prejudiced advice.
  • Some noteworthy articles on
  1. Civil War battlefields (history for “bored boys” but girls, too)
  2. Seven great living history sites.
  3. Six national parks off the beaten track.
  • Thanks to some of my Family Travel fans and their recent shout-outs that include us in their favorites lists:
  1. The Q Family Adventure: Five travel blogs I love
  2. Travel Hacker: 100 best travel journal blogs.
  3. FoXnoMad: The travel blogs I read regularly.

(Update – I apparently didn’t have comments enabled when I published this, but I think I’ve fixed it now. Please let me know at sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com if you still have problems.)