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Great Travel Links for 9 March 2009

Here are a few travel nuggets I’ve picked up lately….

***  Use this Texas Highways blog post about a taco hut to teach your kids the Rule of Where to Eat in Dinky Towns (answer: where all the cars and trucks are parked at mealtime.)

***  How are the US and Turkey most similar? On a visit to Turkey described on the State Department blog Dipnote, Secretary Clinton answers that question from a group of young students with a Facebook statistic: “America and Turkey rank first and second in the world in the number of Facebook users.”

***  Already making your summer travel plans?  You smart parent, you. I like this BootsnAll article about Martha’s Vineyard, a US East Coast vacation stalwart.

***  Oh, my, yes, Memphis, Tennessee for awesome BBQ – wet or dry? Just remember to grab the napkins – kids never remember the danged napkins.

***  Do you and/or the kids like to shoot travel videos on your trips? Chris Elliott wrote a post for CNN Travel on how to be a YouTube travel star; some good nuggets there. You can see how I do video on my own YouTube channel.)

***  Still up for some skiing? Plenty of chances for fun in the snow through March in Maine.

***  Family fun in Iceland (seen in the Miami Herald, natch.)

***  Matsuri da!  One of the dynamic spring festivals in Japan.

***  What fun – a multigenerational bike tour of Versailles, France, from the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald.

***  This post on the excellent Intelligent Travel blog was written around Super Bowl time, but it’s a year-round good list of things to do in Tampa, Florida.