Happy New Year Blogtipping


Thanks to some post-a-day ideas from Successful Blog, my brain doesn’t have to think of writing topics for the entire month of January.

I’ve never been a blogtipper, although I think Easton Ellsworth’s concept from Business Blogwire is a great idea. However, since it’s a new year and a new month, I’m going to take a stab at highlighting a few blogs/sites that I enjoy.  They are more writer-related than travel-related, but if I decide to keep tipping I’ll start paying more attention to travel-specific blogs that I can spotlight.  Here goes:

**  My year of getting published — here’s a fellow writer, a travel writer mostly, named Liz Lewis. She is putting it all out there about her determined efforts to get her work published.

1)  I like the details about items that are accepted and rejected; statistics of how many pitches are sent/accepted/rejected, and editor’s comments. You’re obviously working your tail off, with lots of queries going out.

2)  I like your other blog about travel in New Zealand.  It’s very detailed, full of photos and interesting links.

3)  Your list of writing goals for 2007 is an inspiration.  You’re very good at laying out measurable milestones and a clear roadmap to success; no wonder you’ve been successful getting published this past year.

Tip:  Give us a picture of you with your bio info!

**  StartupNation — Jeff and Rich Sloan’s comprehensive site for anyone running their own business, big or small.

1)  You have a vibrant and informative community Forum that never fails to give me interesting ideas and good info.

2)  You are always coming up with neat stuff like the new Marketplace (in beta) for fellow entrepreneurs.

3)  Your “10 Steps to Open for Business” really helped me focus when I started my own freelance writing services.  Hey, it’s just me, myself and I, but it’s still a business!

Tip:  Tell your readers more about the StartupNation blogs; I just found them today.

**  The Renegade Writer blog — Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell wrote one of the key books that got me started as a full-time freelance writer. This is their blog.

1)  Your organizational makeover of one of your writer-readers had lots of good work flow ideas.

2)   The “You Ask, We Answer” advice section is always ready with a direct, helpful response to those nagging writerly questions.

3)   You tackle one of every writer’s favorite topics: how to send a terrific query letter. Not only did you write the book on the subject, you also provide helpful advice on your blog about queries.

Tip:  Your bios (and maybe a photo) should be more “front-and-center” towards the top of the home page, in my opinion.

Well, that was fun, and I certainly think I’ll try again February 1st.  Happy New Year to all of you travelers and writers….

I Love Blogtipping