Hawaii Calls and We Answer

A happy kid (mine) in the Waikiki surf, Hawaii (photo by Sheila Scarborough)This is my son.

This is my son in Waikiki Beach surf (because we’re visiting with the So Much More Hawaii bloggers tour.)

Any questions?


Seriously, our blogger group has now assembled in the islands and we’re already talking about Hawaii on Twitter with the #HawaiiHTA hashtag, we’re uploading photos to Flickr, writing blog posts, uploading items to our Facebook pages….and wondering how we got so lucky.

Looking forward to more time to post as we move across the islands.

All I know is that a very good (but garlicky) plate of pasta disappeared at dinner from Mr. Picky Eater’s plate, so get ’em running around in the surf enough and they’ll eat anything!

It’s hard to balance time with my son and time to do my research/blogging job here, but I’m working on it.

A lot of deep breaths are involved.

Just So You Know Disclaimer:  The Hawaii Tourism Authority through Cilantro Media is paying my way to Hawaii for the So Much More Hawaii bloggers tour, and also paying most of my expenses while I am here, including lodging.  I am contributing towards my son’s expenses. The point of the trip is to bring experienced bloggers and communicators to the islands to talk about what we see; my primary focus will be on travel with kids. No one has told me that I cannot post negative information. No one has told me that I must say positive things.  I will be as objective as I can possibly be.