Hey Mom; Four Places For Us To Go.

Yes, yes, Mother’s Day is coming up. 

It’s not that I don’t adore my mother, it just seems that the avalanche of emails and ads are constructed to make me feel that I’m a bad kid if I don’t go buy, buy, buy something for Mom.  Because “she deserves it.” 

AACCKK….she deserves love, honor and respect every day, not a pair of earrings or candy or “herbal slippers” once a year.

OK, enough rant, here’s a quick link to Budget Travel for four U.S. places for daughters to visit with Mom:  Charleston, Sedona, San Diego and New York City.

The thing is, you could recycle these and go see them next month for Father’s Day, with Dad.  Or, pick a place about 2 hours from your house that you two have been meaning to check out, and enjoy a little mini road trip together.

Lots more memories than earrings, I guarantee it.