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I am driving, so HAH!

My next trip is by car, not by plane.

We can wear what we want (no one’s shoes will blow up our vehicle….other than via foul sneaker odors.)

We can take GIANT containers of liquid.

We can adjust the temperature so we don’t freeze or boil, and if we do get cold, we don’t pay for crappy polyester blankets.

I’ll leave my phone on as long as I want to (did you ever wonder why you have to turn off  “electronic devices” as soon as the plane cabin door shuts before you depart, but you can turn devices back on the minute wheels touch down on the tarmac upon arrival?)

With some advance planning, the food will come when we’re ready, and it won’t be overpriced garbage.

We will take a huge pair of scissors, maybe even a machete, and we’ll say the word “bomb” a lot, because we’re anarchists.

We can take whatever suitcase we want, because we won’t pay extra to do so and anything goes as long as it fits in the van.

And people won’t jump up and stand in the aisle and look stupid as soon as the van stops, or I’ll yell at them for being knuckleheads.

Ah, freedom and civility in travel….