I got yer beef right here in Fort Worth, cowboy

Fort Worth Stockyards Cattlemen's Steakhouse steak (photo by Sheila Scarborough)Sure, some would say that a steakhouse experience is wasted on young kids, but I think they need to learn what a really amazing steak tastes like (and it’s never too early to start.)

The Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in Fort Worth‘s historic Stockyards District is one of our favorites – the decor is Early Naugahyde, dress is pretty casual, the cooks work on grills right in the restaurant and the portions are massive.

Steaks and meats are not cheap (my favorite Heart o’ Texas 11 oz ribeye is about $30) but for fork-tender beefiness, it’s worth every cent.

Kids under 12 can get a top sirloin for $9. There are plenty of offerings besides steak – here’s the menu.

Get there early, especially on a weekend, because it’s a popular place.