I’m cookin’ with gas

Actually, I have an electric stove, and the truth is that I don’t even like to cook. 

I’m such a perfectionist, I think that every meal has to be this gourmet, nutritionally-balanced extravaganza, so I just wig out.  Thank goodness that Sainted Husband not only can cook, but generally likes it.

I do like to make cookies and pies.  Dessert first, you know.

The good news is that just because I don’t like to do it doesn’t mean I can’t write about it.  The online food magazine CHOW is currently featuring my article “Pack Your Knives and Go,” the scoop on ten unique cooking vacations around the world including Finland, Louisiana, the Netherlands, Rhode Island, Thailand, New Zealand and Mississippi.  France and Italy are deliberately excluded because they’re the expected places to go for culinary travel, and I wanted to feature something new.

Hey, I’m pretty savvy about food (eating it, just not cooking it) and I’ve been all over the world, so I found some great places that combine place and placemat….OK, that was pretty bad. 🙂

Anyway, take a gander and then hang around the site for awhile.  These folks are seriously into food and drink, but in a really fun way.  The very active Chowhound forum is jammed with commentary on places to eat.

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