I’m off to Geek Heaven

Keys to the digital kingdom, courtesy Flickr's DarkSideXThere won’t be a whole lot of family travel blogging out of me in the next few days….I’m going to Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive.

It’s the first of the 3-part annual SXSW insanity, which also includes a music event and a film event.

It started out as more of a trade show for musicians (this is the “Live Music Capital of the World,” after all) and just took off over the years. There will be panels, speakers, parties and concerts nonstop for the next few weeks.

SXSW Interactive is for “digital creatives” and anyone else interested in computers, networking (both computer and human) and blogging/online communities. The official word is that it’s “ground zero for the world’s most creative web developers, designers, bloggers, wireless innovators and new media entrepreneurs.”

Hey, I’m just a writer and blogger, but I’ll be the “world’s most creative” something-or-other for awhile!

I also have a social event with fellow BlogHer folks plus another party hosted by my BlogBurst syndication company, Pluck.

If you want to know more, I’m the official Roving Reporter for Liz Strauss over at Successful Blog, and I’ll be writing a few guest posts for her on what I find at SXSW, and whether a Mom (and Dad — it’s a date!) can actually go to a Pluck party at Club de Ville, with the turntables spun by DJ Mel, that doesn’t even start till 9 pm. Have we lost our young mojo?

Check back here to find out….